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from January 01, 2004
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The Record, Bergen County, NJ, December 29, 2006


Mourning the Death of an Honorable American

Ford said that he and Tip O'Neill, the leaders of two different political parties, could debate and argue on the floor of the House and then go out and have a beer together that same night. Historians note the great letter-writing friendship between Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The men were once friends, later bitter rivals, and, in retirement, resumed a friendship through letters. Fittingly, the two great American patriots died the same day, July 4.

Reflecting On Events That Moved Us This Year

REFLECTING on the columns I published during the year, I found that one of my saddest duties - memorializing Gordon Parks - was also one of my most rewarding. I call it a sad duty for two reasons, the most obvious being that this unique and prolific artist had died. But I also felt that he was not appropriately recognized. Parks' achievements should have been enough to guarantee prominent front-page display and comprehensive coverage. But it was such a hard sell.

Ford Set Enduring Standard of Civility, Goodwill

THE STANDARD tribute to Gerald R. Ford is that he served the nation best simply by stepping into the presidency for the disgraced and banished Richard M. Nixon. But to those who served with the man from Michigan, his achievements did not begin or end with his being available to help "heal our land" from the wounds of the Nixon presidency, as his successor, Jimmy Carter, said on the day he took over from Ford.

Gone with the Wind ; Seeking Wasted School Construction Money

THE latest chapter in the saga of the New Jersey Schools Construction Corp. is that the state is moving to recoup some of the money lost in connection with this agency's tainted past. Justice will never be served completely. Much of the public money that was squandered will never be reclaimed. But Governor Corzine and Attorney General Stuart Rabner are right to try to get back what they can. Two lawsuits have been filed this month one against a Newark architect for structural defects in an E...

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Model trains aren't just for rich men "This breed of rail baron has spare time, deep pockets" (Page A- 16, Dec. 24) did a great disservice to the hobby of model railroading and toy trains.

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